Leanne Wong


1. Can you present yourself? 

“I am 14 years old, an elite gymnast at Gage, and a member of the US National Team. I am a very competitive person, love to compete, and love to win. I strive to do my best in everything I do. Gymnastics is the perfect sport for competitiveness”

2. Why did you become a gymnast?

“I started out being an ice skater when I was 4 years old but didn’t like it.  I didn’t like falling on the hard ice a lot. I decided to try out gymnastics and loved the sport a lot more”


3. What about your first and your best memory as a gymnast?

“My best memory and unforgettable moment was my first international assignment to represent the United State at the 2018 Junior Pan American Championships in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Team USA earned the gold medal in the team competition and I took the bronze in all-around competition and earned 3 silvers on vault, bars, and beam individual events. I felt the pride and lots of honor of winning medals for USA”

4. How and thanks to what did you reach the high level?

“I have reached this high level through many hours of training, hard work, and my dedicated and hardworking parents and coaches, Al Fong and Armine Barutyan. They have supported and believed in me”

5. What about your goal for the US championships? 

“My goal at the US Championships is to hit 8 for 8 routines in both days of competitions and to continue to improve my performance”

6. How are you feeling before the event?

“After many hours of training in the gym, I feel ready go out there to compete and perform all of my routines to the best of my ability”

7. Do your Leotard is important for you? 

“I love my leotard to look pretty but also very important to be comfortable. I am very picky with Leotards because I don’t want to be focusing on my leo being too small or too tight.  I have very different expectations for my leo for different occasions”

8. What do you expect in a Leotard?

“I expect my leos to be as comfortable as possible, beautiful, and fierce.  One of my dreams is to get involved in designing and making my own leos”

9. What do you think about Christian Moreau Leotard? 

“I think the Christian Moreau Leotard I have received is beautiful and unique.  It was very comfortable, bright, and a beautiful color combination. They are very different compared to others.  I love them so far and hope to get more”