Kara Eaker


1. Can you present yourself? 

“Kara Eaker, age 15, elite gymnast”

2. Why did you become a gymnast?

"I originally started with the classes for toddlers and from then on I have loved the sport and I have been pursuing my dreams"

3. What about your first and your best memory as a gymnast?

"I remember back when I was little, I would strive for all the cool flips and skills and when I finally could do them, I would be so excited"

4. How and thanks to what did you reach the high level?

"Thanks to help, support, and knowledge of my coaches and parents, I have reached an elite level" 

5. What about your goal for the US championships? 

"My goal for US Championships is to do my very best and to beat my past scores"

6. How are you feeling before the event?

"Before the meet I feel a bit nervous but also so overwhelmingly happy that I have made it this far and that I am here with the top gymnast" 

7. Do your Leotard is important for you? 

"My leotard is important to me, to me it is important to feel good in what leotard I wear because if I feel good then I am confident"

8. What do you expect in a Leotard?

"Every leo that I have revived has passed my expectations in a very good way"

9. What do you think about Christian Moreau Leotard? 

I absolutely love the leotards from Christian Moreau, they are so beautiful"