Alexis Jeffrey

1. Why did you become a gymnast?

“I became a gymnast because my parents thought I had to much energy when I was little”

2. What about your first and your best memory as a gymnast?

“Winning the junior Olympic nationals and then qualifying elite were both really big accomplishments of mine this year so they were really big memories”

3. How and thanks to what did you reach the high level?

“I reached this high of level by training many hours in the gym and having lots of practice”


4. What about your goal for the US championships? 

“My goal for championships is to go out there and hit my routines like I know how to do and try to make the national team”

5. How are you feeling before the event?

“I’m feeling really excited because this is my first championships and confident because I have had so much practice in the gym”


6. Do your Leotard is important for you? 

“Yes, I believe my leotard is important because it’s good to show off and having that pretty leo on is a really good advantage”

7. What do you expect in a Leotard?

“Me as a gymnast prefer really comfy Leo’s that’s I can stretch at my fullest and can do all my skills without a problem”


8. What do you think about Christian Moreau Leotard? 

“When I tried on Christian Moreau Leo’s I was very surprised! They were super comfy but also super pretty”