Aleah Finnegan

1. Why did you become a gymnast?

“My older sisters were in gymnastics, so my parents just put me in because they were already doing it”


2. What about your first and your best memory as a gymnast?
“Winning the 2017 JO National Championships and hitting 4/4 events at the GK US Classics”

3. How and thanks to what did you reach the high level?
“I got to be this level by trusting in God to help me get here because it’s always been a dream of mine. And it took lots of perseverance and sacrifice.”


4. What about your goal for the US championships? 

“My goal for the US Championships is to just hit all of my skills and do my routines to the best of my abilities like I’ve been doing in the gym” 

5. How are you feeling before the event?

“I’m excited because all my life I’ve been watching my friends and my sister compete and i still can’t believe that I’m finally going to be competing! I’m also feeling confident because my training has been going really well recently”

6. Do your Leotard is important for you? 

“My coaches say it’s not the leo it’s what you preform while you wear the leo. But for me I like to feel confident in what I’m wearing so I can show off my skills and routines” 

7. What do you expect in a Leotard?

“Preferably one that comfortable and that I can do all my skills without worrying it’s going to slide or anything”


8. What do you think about Christian Moreau Leotard? 

“I love them! They’re both comfortable and beautiful which is what I love about them”